Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 9

Friday (22/08/2008)

You know what, Dear? I was listening to mp3 when I started to write this. And guess what? The moment I started to write, the song “Izinkan Ku Pergi” by Kaer starts playing. Remember the song, dear? Yeah, the exact same song I gave to you a week after we got to know each other, when at that time we thought that we will be separated.

Listening to this song, really makes me misses you even more. More than words can describe. “Pergilah rinduku, hilangkan dirimu Tak sanggup menangung derita dikalbuku”. I really hope that you will be back soon, Dear. Today, I started my day as usual. No different from the previous day except for one. I miss you more today, compared to yesterday.

As at today, still no news from you. I really wonder how are you doing, Dear? Are they taking good care of you? How’s your health? Please do take good care of yourself, k dear. I might be physically far from you, but I’m always close to your heart.