Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day 11

Sunday (24/08/2008)

GOOD MORNING, chocolate dearie!

Today is Sunday. As usual, badminton session from 10am - 12noon. I was so tired but no injuries. Hehehe.

After the game, siblings, 3 cousins and I went for a simple lunch not far from the badminton court. Then we went home. After I took my bath and about to get some rest, bro and sis wanted to go out. Bro looking for a pair of shoes (working shoes) So me being me, tag along as usual. And you know what , Yang? I saw that baju meayu again. Everytime I see that baju, I think of you sey. I will get it for you. InsyaAllah , when I get my pay, k dear. I can actually see u in that baju. I’m sure Abang will look good in that outfit, right?

Reach home at about 7pm. Tonight, sis prepared fried rice. So I had that for dinner. It’s been raining in KL since afternoon. How I wish you were here….

I’m still working on my beading work, trying to keep myself occupied. It’s been 11 days, dear. How are you doing? Be strong ok dear. I know you can do it. Looking forward to seeing you. I love you, my dearest chocolate.