Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 7

Wednesday (20/08/2008)

Today is day 7. It’s been a week and I’m missing you like crazy already. Gosh! Just can’t wait till the day that you’ll be back.

Yang, just to let you know, another 4 died today. I seriously don’t know what actually happened. What is the cause. All I know, I feel sad with the lost. And thank god you were not here. Cos if you were here, I bet you will have to listen to stories about my fishes day and night. Hehehe Kesian Abang.

So far I’ve yet to receive any updates from Rizah. S o I assume that everything is in good condition and that my dearest chocolate will be back soon. Be back to his kecoh panda, who is waiting for him and praying for him.

Abang, I’m sorry. I cried again tonight before going to bed. I don’t know why. I guess the bed has many memories about us. Too many. The moment I lay down, I will always look at my handphone. Hoping for a miracle to happen, you calling me. And I can hear that voice of yours calling me “Aaaaaayang”. Heheheh I really miss that, you know.

And when you come back, I will definitely let you read this blog of mine, which I’ve created especially for you. I will never stop writing, never stop counting the days, until you come back to me.