Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 8

Thursday (21/08/2008)

Thanks to my sis. She decided to prepare dinner for us and also invited my 2 cousins to join us. She prepared Chicken chop with mushroom sauce. As for me, I prepared the salad. The 5 of us had our dinner at about 8 pm. We had a good laugh at all the jokes while having dinner. Then after dinner, someone proposed that we go for a cup of coffee at one of the coffee shop nearby. It was 9.30pm when we left home to hv a cup of coffee. Again we were talking and laughing till our eyes filled with tears. I really thank them for if its not because of them, I would probably be at home, crying. Yeah, I had a great time tonight. How I wish you were here, joining us for a cup of coffee.

As it is I’m missing you. Did I tell you that most of my fishes are dead, dear? As at today, 12 are dead. I’m not of the reason. Remember I told you about my guppies which died a few days ago, now it’s the orange fish. 2 of them. Both died. Could that be a bad sign, dear? I’m so worried about you, Dear. I really want to know your status. How are you doing there? Is everything OK? Dear, please be back soon…….