Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 2

Friday (15/08/2008)

Today is the 2nd day. Its been two days since my chocolate got warded at IMH. And it feels like 2 years. GOSH…!!!!! I seriously don’t know how I’m gonna go through my life without him. At times, I feel like it’s a breakup. U know, the feelings like the person u love suddenly not there for you. You can’t call him. U can’t write to him. He’s just no longer there for you.

But in this case, its different. We need to be separated in order to be together. And I know all these pains and hurts is all worth going through. Therefore, I need to be strong, and so do you.

Abang, did I tell you that I receive your 2nd aerogramme today? When I came back from work, check my mail box, and your letter is already waiting for me. And yes, I read the letter over and over again. Gosh! I really miss you, sey.

I tried keeping myself busy with my beading but I still can’t get you out of my mind. So I get myself online, hoping that a miracle will happen and you’ll be there. L But thank god, Rizah was there. So I said hello to her. Hoping that by chatting with her can ease the pain I have in me right now. But there was no reply. And a few minutes later, she does ‘idle’. Uwaaaaaaaaaa…… I guess she’s asleep already. Huhuhuhu So I left the pc on, just in case she woke-up and reply my message while I continue with my beading work. I was awake till 3.30am.

And u know what? Everything was ok till I decided to go to bed. Just before that, like a routine, I just have to read both of your letters. Yes, I know. This maybe the 20th times I’m reading it. Hehehe. And I’m so glad that you actually send those letters to me. I LOVE YOU, dear. I really do.

I cried…..until I felt asleep.