Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 6

Tues (19/08/2008)

I came to work as usual. And you know what, Dear? I received an email from my boss. He’s giving us lunch treat. We had Chinese. And my day at work was just as usual. In the evening, the regular evening walk to my brother’s office.

On the way to KLCC, I see people jogging, walking, dating, sending time with family and that makes me realize one thing. How different you are from the rest. When I see a man carrying his baby, or pushing around the stroller, I always imagine that it’s you. Even though I see many couples in the park, dating couples, that doesn’t attract my attention at all. And to tell you the truth, it never happen to me before. I use to envy those dating couples. But with you, I’ve actually move one step ahead, I see us as a family. You, me and the kids. Kecoh kan your penguin? But serious abang, I’ve never had such imagination with others, not until I met you.

I just couldn’t wait till tonight. So the moment I reach home, I read both letters again.

Abang!!! Bad news. I almost forgot to tell you. All my guppies are DEAD! The 3 of them! And also 1 angel fish. I’m not sure what actually happened. All I can remember, I clean the tank last weekend, before going back to Ipoh. And next thing I know, my fish died one after another. I guess the water mixture is not right. So I tried cleaning the tank again. Hopefully everything will be back as normal.

You know what abang? I manage to complete another beading work last night. Tomorrow, will start on a new one. Then maybe I can have a short break, because my back is aching already. Huhuhu.

Abang, how are you? Are you OK? Are they treating you well? I really miss you, dear. Just can’t wait for you to come home.