Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 13

Tuesday (26/08/2008)

OMMIGOSH!!!! He’s back! He’s back!

I just can’t believe it. I was busy updating my blog last night, after having my dinner. Hoping that he will be back soon. Then I went to have my shower. When I came out, I saw a message on my phone and it’s from Ita. I was shocked and scared at the same time as the message reads “Kakak, please call my house now” Ommigosh….. could it be a bad news. No……

I called the house number and praying at the same time, praying hard that everything will be alright. Suddenly I heard “Hello….. “ at the other end. That hello which I’ve been waiting. That same hello which I’ve been missing so badly. I was silent for a moment while he continue saying “hello…. Hello…” hehehh MY CHOCOLATE IS BACK……!!!!!

That was last night. Today, I came to work feeling so cheerful, happy, excited……. I just can’t stop thinking about what had happened last night. So I tried calling him again. No answer. I guess he’s still asleep. So I decided to call back later. After an hour, I tried calling again and still no answer. When I came back from lunch, I tried calling him again. This time it makes me wonder if last night was for real, or was I just dreaming. It was just another dream But at the same time, I’m also worried if something had happened to him. I’m so worried. Tried calling him for another few more times, and still no answer.

Later, after dinner, I still try to call him. Where is he? What happened to him? And after a few tries, someone finally answered the phone. Ita told me that u were not at home. That’s all. So I guess everything is ok, except that maybe you went out to meet your friend.
I don’t know why. But at times I feel that he has been acting differently. I’m not sure why. I hope and pray that he will not change. Of course I would want him to change for the better, that has always been the highest priority in every of my prayers. But change of feelings…. Arghhh I’d rather not talk or think about it. Maybe because he did mention about meeting 2 girls in IMH that makes me feel this way. I don’t know. Anyway, so glad that you are back, Dear. Welcome home!!!!