Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 3

Saturday (16/08/2008)

Aaaaaabang! U know what? Ita finally responded to my message. I was so worried. And u know what? She agreed to inform me if there is any updates with regards to you. J

Abang, I’ll be going back to Ipoh today. I can still remember how upset my dearest chocolate will be whenever I told him that I’ll be going back to Ipoh for the weekend. And he will sulk like a lil baby. So cute! And I had to sneak to the kitchen when everyone is asleep, and make a call to my dearest one, just to coax him. Hehehe. And u know what, Abg? Because of all these, I miss you so badly tonight . And tonight, it’s my turn. I don’t know why, but I was crying like a lil baby. And I just couldn’t stop crying. Suddenly I miss you so bad that I feel like taking the car key and drive myself to IMH, just to see you. I cried and cried till I felt asleep. Next thing I know, it’s already morning.