Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day 10

Saturday (23/08/2008)

After the usual crying session last night, I woke up slightly late today. But not that late tough as I need to perform my Subuh solat.

Anyway, this morning, I was chatting with Rizah. She was rather down with her relationship while I was also sad, counting the days. Today, is the 10th days.

I was at home the whole morning, chatting with Rizah while searching for ideas for my beading design. Then later in the afternoon, I clean up the fish tank AGAIN. Only 2 manage to survive. I feel so sad la Yang. But u know what? I was just thinking, could it be that its all because I took photos of them? There’s myth which says that you are not allow to take photos of your pets, or else they will die. Yeah, I know I should not believe that. It must be a coincident, right dear?

After cleaning the tank, wawa asked me if I wanted to join her for window session. So I followed her to the shopping mall. Since salary is next week, I didn’t buy anything. Just looking around. And my eyes caught something interesting. A maroon baju melayu (baju kurung). Nice, yang. I was thinking of getting a pair for you. But I need to know your size. Maybe later, once you are back, I’ll ask you for your size, k dear.

Tonight, as usual, I kept myself busy with beading. But somehow, you are still on my mind. Just can’t get you out of my head. I was doing my beading till about 2am. Then I went to my room, as usual, read your letter, and went to bed. You know what , dear? By reading your letters, it somehow makes me feel that you are close to me. So close that I feel like you can actually hear ever word I say to you every night, before I go to bed. Good night,dear. I love you….. muah!