Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Monday 1 June 2009

Hello dearest one. Just to share with you about the adventure I had yesterday with my little sister, Wawa. Bro had some work to do. Therefore, sis and I decided to have our lil girls’ day out thingy again. We left home at about 11am and came back at 4.30pm. hehehe. Yes, we shop and shop and shop until we could hardly have any strength left to walk. Initial plan was to get both of us a pair of good running shoes. Adidas shoes to be more specific. Hehehe. That was the initial instruction given by bro. However, I think you should know me too well by now. And wawa is no difference . So, as a result, we ended up buying 2 pairs of outing shoes each and some office outfits. Hehehe. When we reach home, bro asked “Where are the running shoes?”

Guess what answer did we gave. “We couldn’t find the shoes” hahaha. Bro didn’t say a word after that. kekeke

Sorry dear. So sorry . I plan to write to you last night. However, I was so tired and my knees are aching. So I jump into bed early. Sorry eh Sayang. I’ll promise to write to you tonight, ok. Meantime, I’m still waiting for your reply. By the way, Ita told me not to write to often to you, or else they will keep my letters and will only hand over to you the following month. So I decided to write more often to this blog of ours. Please don’t think that I’ve forgotten you or love you any less after you left. All remain intact. In fact, it continues to grow and waiting for you to be a freeman for it to bloom, blooms like flowers do during springtime.