Monday, May 11, 2009

My Stepper

Hello Abang,

How are you? It has been a while since my last entry in this blog. It ‘s weird to know that one can have lots of think to share but when it comes to writing, your ideas and stories just vanished in thin air.

Anyway, today, I feel like sharing with you something which is very dear to me, who is now my best friend while you are away. Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
My dearest STEPPER!!! Hoyay!!!! Abang, meet my stepper. Stepper, meet abang. Kekeke. But unfortunately, my is black. How I wish I can get this blue unit. Whatever it is, a stepper is still a stepper, right? However, I still prefer to jog, where you get to enjoy the beautiful view and fresh air. Hey, you know what, dear? This is the 4th week ever since I started to jog. Which is equivalent to a month. Cool eh? And this also means, that you have been away for 5 weeks.
I really2 miss you la dear. When are you coming back?