Monday, May 4, 2009

Visiting Day.....

Last night, at almost midnight, I was getting ready to go to bed. Suddenly Ita sms me. Asking me if I’m online. She has some news for me. Somehow, my heart beats faster than usual. Scared, excited, panic, happy, all mixed feelings. So I quickly login to MSN (using my hand phone) and chat with her. I have to say her very first sentence disappoint me to the core. “Kak, we will not be visiting abang tomorrow” At that moment, I feel blank, lost and not knowing how to respond. It is simple because I have been looking forward to this day, for me to get updates from you. The duration, the situation, the progress and most importantly, to get your mailing address, so that I can write to you. So the thought that she will not be visiting you, really break my heart. However, it doesn’t last long.

Her next line was, “Abg called kak ida. He said he will not be long there , so no need to come and visit” That really brings a smile on my face. You know why? This simply means that I will be seeing my abg real soon. Will be looking forward to that day. I was so into the visiting issue, until I forgot to ask ita how are you doing kat dalam. I hope everything is O.K.! Not to worry about me. I’m still here, waiting for you. :-)