Monday, May 4, 2009

You'll Never Walk Alone

Liverpool (3) vs New Caste (0)

Hoyay!!! That was the result from yesterday’s game. The game started at 8.30pm. We reach KL (from Ipoh) at about 8pm. Then bro and cousin decides to watch the game at Mamak. The girls are also invited (Jan, Wawa and me). It was fun, to watch the game with the rest of the Liverpool fans. I think this is my first time, watching the game in public. Hehehe.

Went back home right after the game. My cousin sent me and sis back as bro going for his badminton session with his friends. Reach home at about 11. I chat with Ita before going to bed. She was telling me about her plan to further study. Of course I encouraged her. It’s for her own good and she will definitely benefit from it. I also mention to her that despite all these, it is definitely not going to be a bed of roses. I had to struggle for 4 long years to obtain my degree. Good things don’t come easy.

Wah..! Now I can be a motivator eh? hehehe