Monday, May 11, 2009

Beef burger with Mushroom sauce.

Beef burger with mushroom sauce.

YUMMYYYYYYY…..! Guess what? I actually prepared this dish. Unbelievable? Well you better believe it dear! Your little kecoh penguin prepared this dish. Hahaha. Of course it taste great la dear, despite this is my very first attempt to prepare western meal. Hehehe. But you know what, dear? I got the recipe all mixed up. Beef, shallots, parmesan cheese and spices all mixed together. Then deep into the egg and roll on the breadcrumbs before putting it in a pan. Fry till cook. Well, that was what I did.
But do u know what is the actual recipe? Mix all the above and fry. Hahaha. So the breadcrumbs and egg are suppose to go INTO the mixture. No dipping or rolling is required. Kekeke Kecoh kan your penguin ni? Take a look at this photo. I missed out the coleslaw. It’s in another bowl. :-)