Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sad drama

Hye dear,

Had a busy day today. As usual 9 - 6 non-stop. I must say it's tiring, but i enjoy what i'm doing. So i guess i don't really mind the heavy load.

The printer which almost caused me serious migraine. hehehe

Dear, just an hour ago, i was doing my work in front of the TV. I happened to watch a malay drama. About this couple who loves each other very much - especially the boyfriend. The girl loves him but has never say the 3 magical words to him and he longed to hear those words from her. Reason given - she's not ready to say those words to him.

Just when she is finally ready, something happened. The guy died in a car accident and she know she will never get a chance to say those 3 words to him ever again.

So sad kan Yang and since then, i feel so disturbed. I hope that will not happen to us. As such, from the bottom of my heart - I LOVE YOU!