Saturday, February 20, 2010

Interesting wiken......


I know you gonna say "THAT IS SO YOU" hehehe but I still wanna share this story with you. You do know how clumsy your penguin can be at times. Today, is one of those days, her clumsy day.

Today is Saturday. As usual, I was left alone at home. So I decided to go to the night market (Pasar Malam). Just before I left home, I was reading your letters. ALL of them.

Left home at about 4.30pm. As usual, I took the train heading to Bandaraya station. Suddenly, at Masjid Jamek station (a station before Bandaraya), my brother called me. While talking to him, I don't know why, I got down from the train (at Masjid Jamek) Maybe it is because this is my usual station on working days. :-) while walking down the stairs, I realized that I got down at the wrong station. So, went up the escalator and waited for the next train.

Happily went to Pasar Malam and bought my fav Spring Potato.

Like a little girl who just got her lollipop, I walked to the station again - headed home. Happy happy happy. Few mins later, the train came and I quickly hop in. Little did i know, it was the WRONG train. arghhhhhhhh. When I realized that I was on the wrong train, had to get down and wait for the next train. hehehe. Clumsy betul la penguin abg ni, kan?

I think I'm gonna write to you tonite, to share this story with you. :-)