Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Birthday Marathon

Hello dear,

Just to share with you a lil about my birthday marathon. Hehehe
My birthday - 23rd Jan falls on Sat.
Therefore, my bestfriend Amy decided to send me a Teddybear on Fri. So sweet of her, right dear. :-)And guess what? Everyone thought it was from you. I didn't bother to explain. hehehe. Naughty of me, huh. :-)

Then on my birthday, we went back to Ipoh and mom prepared BBQ dinner for me. Yummy!!!! Spend the whole evening bbq-ing. My brother's friend, cum family friend also came for that simple dinner.It was fun. Wish you were here, dear. Love my family so very much for that lovely dinner.

On monday, when i came to work, a friend of mine at work asked me about the teddybear. Then she found out that it was my birthday. And you know what, dear? On Tues, when i came to work, I saw this on my table. hehehe. It was from her. So sweet kan?

Abanggggggggggggggggg!!! This is a birthday cake from my close friends. Lovely, right? It's carrot cheese cake - and i love it! It was really a surprise as I thought they didn't plan anything for me. Suddenly there was a call from an unknown lady, asking me to meet her at the lobby. :-)