Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Your crying baby

Hehehe...... Buruk kan? This is your crying baby, dear. Naughty girl eh, tak dengar cakap abg, not to cry. But surprisingly, I didn't cry that often. Serious la dear. Hehehe.... Hard to believe eh? Well, u know what? I cried last night. Reason being, ever since you are gone, I've always wanted to dream about you. But sad to say, you have never appear in any of my dreams. And i miss you so badly. That was why I cried last night. You know what , dear? Last night, finally you appeared in my dream, in the most romantic way. :-)

Thank you dear, for making that appearence. However, at 3am, i was waken by the strong wind. It was raining heavily outside with strong wind. Due to strong wind, my window was widely open. As such, my curtain was flying as if nak tercabut already. Hahaha..... (My english rabak sey) Anyway, too bad that sweet dream had to end suddenly :-( sob sob sob. Anyway, at least I got to see you, eventhough justin a dream.

Love you, dear.
I know, you miss me too over there.
Be patience my dear. Think about the future, our future, ok.
Can't wait to write to you. :-)
Its getting late. Its now 2340hrs. I better hit the bed or abg gonna shout at me and say "Ayang....... SLEEP!!!!!" hehehe
I miss that shout of yours. huhuhu
Many atimes I almost dialed your number, thinking that you are around. :-( Looking forward to the ending of this short separation.

Love you. MUAK!!!