Sunday, April 26, 2009

For the one i love......

This poem was written on 17th May 2007.
I can't believe I actual wrote this poem for you, dear.
Hahaha (How on earth I manage to write such lovely poem)

3rd February was when I met my soulmate,
Special person which I will never trade.
Roses are red, violets are blue,
My life begins when I met you,

Starts with a hello, short and simple,
Grows into something irrevocable,
To live without you, it's just impossible,
Dear, you are so irreplaceable,

You make me feel like I'm in heaven,
The best place that God has given,
Friendster and MSN brought us together,
Heartening the "butterfly" to fly ever higher.

To be with you, I'll run all the way,
Even if it means crossing the causeway.
Keep your promise, dear, somehow, someway
I beg you, Sayang, please don't you go away.

In my heart you will stay,
Never will I let it slip away,
Always keep this in mind what I will say,
I love you till my dying day.