Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jogging session @ Tasik Permaisuri

Good morning dearest one,

How are you today? I'm feeling great with a slight bodyache. Maybe it's due to my jogging session by the lake yesterday evening. When to the lake with my sis and parents. In total, i guess i jogged for almost 4km. Not bad eh? Can't wait to surprise you with my new appreance. However, most importantly, I want to be healthy.

Did I tell you that recently, a guy had a chest pain. So he drove himself to the hospital. Upon reaching the hospital, Dr claim that he's in good condition and nothing to be worried about. Out of a sudden, he collapsed and passaway. It was a sudden death to the family and friends. Sad, kan dear. So that is why, I'm trying to start a new healthy lifestyle. hehehe. Wish me luck, ya. Plan to go to the lake again today. Hoyay...!!!!