Wednesday, June 30, 2010

At work....

Hye abang,

How are you? I've just sent you a letter yesterday. Hopefully you will receive it soon and reply back to me. As for me, everything is fine - i guess. Ok ok... everything is not fine. Goshhhh! It is so difficult and almost impossible to hide anything from you.

It started of with a conversation with my boss yesterday. We were discussing about the project that the company is aiming for. Out of a sudden, he made a statement "I really hope we can get this contract, or else it will be difficult to keep you" Of course i smiled as I thought it was a compliment. He really wants me to stay. My boss - he looks confused. Maybe wondering why is this girl still smiling despite of what he just said.

After lunch - a friend of mine requested for a copy of my resume for his reference. So i told him about my conversation with my boss. This friend of mine seems to think alot like my boss. Hehehe So that's the reason why I share the story with him. Suddenly, my heart stops beating and my world feels blank. Empty and clueless. According to him (which I totally agree), resource which does not contribute to the company and generate income is consider liability. So, I'M A LIABILITY to the company!!! Now , my boss's confused face makes more sense. And me, freanking scared.

So, since last night, I've been trying to figure out a plan for me. Now, I'm in the midst of updating my resume and will start job hunting soon. I've found one which caught my attention. But it is a big company. Chances might be slim but no harm in trying, right?

WISH ME LUCK, Dear!!!!