Monday, July 12, 2010

Auntie Aiza

Salam Abang,

I really really need to share this with you. :-)

A few days back, as i was chatting with your sister, suddenly Afiq was in the conversation. You know what? Kak Idah told him that she's going for a movie, alone. And guess what was his reply. "Ask ur mom or sister to acoompany you. Or just ask Auntie Aiza" Hahahahaha...... I guess he doesn't have a clue where am i staying. hehehe. So I decided to 'kirim salam' to him. Few seconds later, kak said "Afiq said waalaikumsalam, Auntie Aiza"

WHAT!!!!!!! AUNTIE Aiza????
Hahahaha.... He made me sound so matured.(not wanting to use the word old)
So i told kak - tell Afiq to just call me , kak aiza. hehehe Then kak told me that once, he almost called u , abg ewan - rather than Cik Ewan. hehehe. I think u already know me by now. As such - u would have known or guessed what my respond would be kan kan kan.

"U can cont to call him Cik Ewan.... but just call me Kak Aiza." hahahaha How do u like it, dear?

CIK Ewan and KAK Aiza.