Sunday, June 13, 2010


Hi aaaaaabang!!!!!

As promised, I'll write to you frequently, using my mobile phone of course. Abg, I just came back from my 2 nephews birthday lunch plus akikah. :-) I had kambingggg hehehe. No!! I do not smell like kambing OK. I'm still a peguin hehehe

I wonder what abg doing on Sunday afternoon? Later, we shall spend our weekends together ya. Abg, last night, we saw on TV - s'pore universal studio. You know what? My mom wanted to go. Then suddenly my mom starts making plans to go to SG. Next thing I know, my sister told her that if we were to go to SG, everything will be taken care of - accomodation and transportation.GULP!!!! So keipo la that girl. Kan kan kan. But abg don't worry ya. We'll plan for something, ok. Somehow I feel so excited- can't wait to introduce you to my family :-) Hope u feel the same.

Opssss it's almost 3.30pm. Solat time. I'll promise I'll write to u again soon ya.

Love you, Abang.