Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm scared.....

Salam Abang,

I know it's late. 2.50am. To be frank with you, I can't sleep. I tried, but I'm too scared to close my eyes. Suddenly I have this feeling, as if - if i were to close my eyes, you will be gone. Far far away from me. And never would I want that to happen. Not tonite, not now, not NEVER!!! And since then, I've been crying. I don't know why. But I miss you and I feeling like I'll be losing you. I'm scared, Abang.

Abang, why am I having this feeling? This weird feeling? I sayang abang, and I don't want to lose you. :-( Promise me that you will never leave me. But if you ever leave me, I'm sure she's very much better than me. Otherwise, you wouldn't leave me, right? Make sure she take good care of you,ok Abang. I will always be here for you. All I want....... IS FOR YOU TO BE HAPPY!

Sayang Abang. muah!