Thursday, April 22, 2010


Salam Abang,

Abang, how I wish you were here. And just how much I wish I can write to you and let you know what's bothering me. But I do not want to trouble you. As such, I decided to write in thiss blog instead.

Abang, you just don't know how it hurts when people around you making judgement without even trying to understand the situation. It hurts. It really does. Without knowing our constraints, they start passing remarks about our relationship. Questioning if we are really serious about this. But what hurts me the most, is when they started to question about you. Whats stopping you from moving to the next stage of this relationship. They say you are not serious about this. Since then, I can't stop crying. Neither can I stop thinking about you. Sometimes I feel shouting to the whole world about our situation. But I know, that will not help much. Instead, it might make things worst.

Abang, I miss you. Really hope that you can be by my side, close to me, to comfort me at times like this. I've got no one else to talk to other than you. But I will not write to youo about this incident as I do not what you to worry too much, ok dear

Abang take goodcare of yourself, ya. LOVE YOU!!!