Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 19, 2009

It’s been long since I last written any entry to you. Really am sorry abt that ya. I’ll promise I’ll to you more frequent in future. Hehehe

Dear, I’ve been missing you a lot lately. I have been writing letters to you but till today, no reply. Sad sad sad. How are you dear? Are you OK? I’ve asked Kak Idah, if she’s ok. Cos she once told me that both of you have this “twining effect” (I gave that name..hahaha) It simply means that , if one of you were to fall sick, the other one will feel the same. So when she said she OK, just a lil stress due to work, I guess u must be feeling the same. Abang don’t over work, ok. Ha-ha-ha look who’s talking. Hehehe

U know what, dear? I’ve found out that everytime I read your letters or emails, I can feel your presence and that somehow ease the pain I have in me (from missing you). Your sweet words…. The way you express your love…… I really find it very soothing. Thank you dear, for writing to me those lovely emails. They are like treasure to me.

Yang, remember about my beading work? I know I promise to take a break after raya, but I guess I have to break that promise la, Yang. Two weeks ago, I received a dress and yesterday, received another baju kurung. Huhuhu. At times I do feel tired and stressed but hey……. Maybe this is what they call “rezeki”, betul tak, Abang? Alhamdulillah. So I should not say no to it, right? At least it can help me with my expenses. Who would have thought that this little business of mine can actually have these many customers.

But despite all that....... I'm missing you so badly.

Just to share my lil beading assignment over the weekend. :-)