Monday, October 19, 2009

20th October 2009

Hello dear,

I have decided to write to you as frequent as possible – even though a short entry. Hope you don’t mind, dear. You know how “good” I can be when it comes to writing. Hehehe

Anyway, I’m feeling rather sleepy today. I didn’t do any beading work last night but I guess my biological clock is so used to late nights. As such, I was wide awake despite of the darkness. I stayed awake from 12 – 2am. What was I doing in the dark? Well, clearing my mobile phone inbox and reading all your smses. I miss you la Yang.

Due to that, guess what your lil penguin did yesterday? Suddenly the idea came to me while I was in the train, otw back. Remember I use to keep your voice clip which says “I love you”? Well, me trying to be creative, I actually insert that clip in between every song in my playlist. There for, once a song is over, I can hear u saying “I love you”, then followed by the next song. Ha-ha-ha. Cool eh!

I told Ita about this and say “Please don’t say that I’m insane”. Guess what she said,Yang? She said “You are insanely inlove, kak” ha-ha-ha. Kecoh la me, kan?