Sunday, January 24, 2010

24th January 2010

Hello dear,

My very first entry for 2010. hehehe.
Yang, thank you very much for the letter. I received your letter on Friday (a day before my birthday). Ita was praying for it to arrive on my birthday, while i was hoping for it to reach me a.s.a.p :-)
Yes, i'm happy to receive your letter but the content seems to be bothering me. Send warm regards to your friends through me. I know i should not be worry or to be exact - i should not be foolish, but i just could not help it. :-( Kak Ida said that you might just be testing me. If that is true - why? Why would you want to test me, dear? Doesn't make any sense, right?
Anyway, not to worry. I will not mention anything in my coming letter (in order not to worry you)That is why i'm writing everything here -in this blog. I do not want you to worry too much but I just have to let it out, how I feel about all these things.
Do you still love me as much as you use to? Or is your love fading away as time goes by? I try to understand, and still trying. Hopefully there will be some light (for me) at the end of this tunnel.
Whatever it is..... i still love you the same and hope you love me too, dear chocolate.

Good night & sweet dream.