Wednesday, December 29, 2010

7 more days to go......

7 days to go. (Tuesday)
A week more to go. Yes, I should be excited. Yes, I should be happy. To welcome home the person I love the most. But apparently that is not what I am feeling right now.
I have just received your letter dated sometime in November. The letter which you have decided to address to both me and kak Ida. I was totally clueless to find out that the content of the letter is 99.99999% for me. Hahaha What were you thinking, Dear? So malufying.
Anyway, it is not so much of kak reading the letter, but the content itself. You mentioned that your time has been extended by another day. L Here I am, counting the days while you – extending your stay. Sometimes I wonder – if you really care about me, about us.