Sunday, December 19, 2010

10 more days to go...

Saturday 18 Dec 2010

Countdown, 10 more days to go.
I woke-up slightly later today as it's an off-day for me. Made myself my fav drink, Nescafe and I planned to start with my new beading project. However, I ended up doing practically nothing. Spent the whole morning cleaning my room and my handbag. hahaha.
In the evening, i spent 1/2hour on the stepper. :-) Good girl, kan? Hehehe. Not so much about the weight lost thingy, though that can be one of the outcome. But I'm more concern with my health. I don't wish to fall sick again. Not in the near future. No more flu nor fever for 2010. hehehe Just want to stay healthy.
At night, spend time at home, watching TV. Sis went out on a date while bro went out with his friends.

MISS YOU, Abang.