Tuesday, March 16, 2010



I'm so tired!!!!! sob sob sob.
My work load is increasing rapidly. Been receiving task after task each day. And to add to that, I've got 2 beading orders to be completed in 2 weeks time. :-( I'm seriously worn out already. Huhuhu.

Suddenly I remember what you wrote in one of your letters. "Beading is just a hobby, remember? Please don't worn yourself" Huhuhu Surprisingly, i really miss you Abang. Eventhough I know if you are ard, for sure Abang will bebel non-stop. kan kan kan. :-)

Abang tau tak, right now, while writing this entry, I am feeling sick already. Seriously hope i will not catch fever. Cos i really need to complete my beading. Ok la abang, I cont my beading jap k. Then i'll hit the bed, i promise.

Love you, Abang.

ps. Bila abg nak balik nih? Windu kat abang. MUACKS!!!!!