Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday 25April2011


I'm not sure when you will be reading this entry of mine. But I do not care. I still want to write to you. :-)

I called you last night but I guess you are already in lala land for some time. As such, you told me to call you back later which somehow made me go blur. I called you at 10.30pm just before going to bed and you told me to call you back later? hehehe. As expected, I slept like a log till morning. Sorry Sayang.

Morning - The usual monday morning. Got a few things to settle. As such, i didn't get a chance to call you. Again, I'm sorry dear. I tried calling you on the way back from work but I guess Abang has gone out to work. :-( And I doubt you will be at home tonight, right? So here I am, writing an entry to this blog, hoping that abang will read this little note from me to my abg dearie.

It's now 10.10pm and I promise to go to bed early ya.
MISS YOU, Abang..... Muahssssss