Monday, January 31, 2011

I miss my chocolate.

Maybe I should not have written what I wrote 2 days ago - about the arguement. And maybe that arguement should have never taken place. Cos today, we had the biggest ever arguement and guess what? He actually said the 3 magical words. No, its not "I love You" cos there were no more love in him. But WE BREAK UP.

Abg said it so smoothly as if he's prepared for this. But I'm not. I'm shocked and still am. Am i crying? Nope. I've been holding back my tears but now, in my room, updating this blog which i've created for him - just to show how much i love him, I don't think I can hold back any longer. And finally, I'm crying. Yes am i. I know, that's the reason why I didn't cry earlier. Cos I do not want him to see me crying. I do not want sympathy. All I want is my abang back and his love. :-(
I still can't believe that he actually said the word BREAK UP! Just 2 simple words, but I really feel like the sky had just fallen on me. Gosh... I miss him already. What shud i do now? Maybe I'll just cry till I falll asleep. But how long can i sleep. Sooner or later, I'll wake up - just to know that he will not be there for me like he use to.

HE - who alwiz bring smile to my face
HE - who will never make me cry (even if he did - he will make sure that i'll smile)
HE - who is always there for me when i needed him
HE - who is my bestest fren ( Lucky - used to be my fav song)
HE - my chocolate.