Friday, September 17, 2010

Hari Raya continues.....

Salam Abang,

I wanted to write to you and share some update but ended up writing them here - in our blog. hehehe.
Yesterday, took mama to my Aunt house for raya. On our way back home, my boss called. Guess what? He'll be going to Delhi from 22/9 till 24/9 and he wants me to join him. GULP!!!! However, there is an issue whereby I'm incharge of the company's Teambuilding session (24 - 26 Sept) and need to be around. I'm waiting for Monday - when he decides if I need to go with him or otherwise. He's trying to arrange for a conference call or something like that (so that I can do my work remotely from KL). I want to go but at the same time, I'm freaking scared. What if they ask me 1001 questions and I'm not able to answer? I'm worried, Abang. How I wish you are here. You will always have ways and words to comfort me. MUAHS!!

Today is Saturday. Will be going to Kajang (Mak Long's house later) for raya. How was your raya, dear? InsyaAllah next raya, we shall celebrate together ya. Can't wait to see my abang in his baju melayu/kurung. :-)Me? I'll be wearing baju kurung later. Yes, the one is this photo. :-)