Sunday, May 16, 2010

From Vietnam with love....

Aaaaaaabang....!!!! miss you, miss you and miss you. Much2, u know. :-) MUACKS!!!! I'm backkkkkk...... Can u recognize the girl in the pic? No no... she's not a vietnamese girl, but she's your peguin. Excited peguin during her boat ride in Mekong River. :-)

The trip was great. Tiring but interesting. I won't lie to you. I've been thinking about you all the time while i was there. Wishing that you were there with me. Abang, will you accompany me in my next trip? We shall go on vacation together and spend more time , quality time with each other. How do you like that, dear ?

Later, maybe in my next entry, i'll share with you the details of the trip, ok. Tonite, I wanna write to you. To share with you my experience in Vietnam.

Love you, Abang. mUackkksssss

Btw, i received your letter a day before my trip and i hate that letter very2 much. Wanna know why? Cos you ask me to go on a date with others. :-( I dun want others. I just want my chocolate. huhuhu So sad, knowing that he's letting me go just like that. As easy as that. hmmmmmmmm